Enemies to Lovers: ChatGPT and Job Applications

Looking for a new role can sometimes seem very similar to the search for a new partner. As we approach the Valentine's season, it’s only fitting that we highlight a peculiar dynamic some members of our team have noticed that is particularly akin to the ‘Enemies to Lovers’ trope some may recognise from romantic literature.

Enter ChatGPT, the AI-powered writing tool and job seekers striving to stand out in a sea of CVs and cover letters. At first glance, they seem like clear adversaries. With the right approach, AI can prove a useful ally in your career. However, using AI in your job applications can quickly become a thorn in your side. 

Since ChatGPT hit the mainstream last year, we have noticed a trend amongst job applicants, where it is clear that ChatGPT (or another AI tool) has been used to generate cover letters. While the intention may be to streamline the application process, the outcome often falls short of expectations. Candidates frequently resort to copying and pasting the job description and their CV into ChatGPT, resulting in generic, cookie-cutter cover letters. 

A cover letter is designed to help you stand out as an individual, however, the lack of originality in Chat-GPT-generated profiles can quickly diminish the impact of a great application.

However, all is not lost. Rather than viewing ChatGPT as a tool for simply regurgitating information, job seekers can look to AI for its capabilities to spark creativity and inspiration. By using ChatGPT for prompts and ideas, applicants can create personalised and compelling cover letters that authentically showcase their unique skills and experiences. Instead of relying solely on automated responses, they can infuse their personalities and perspectives into their applications, making them stand out from the crowd.

But how can you strike the right balance between efficiency and authenticity? The key lies in using ChatGPT as a springboard for ideas rather than a substitute for genuine effort. Start by extracting key phrases or insights from the generated text and weaving them into your narrative, and use ChatGPT to brainstorm approaches to addressing specific job requirements or highlighting relevant achievements. By incorporating these elements into your cover letter, you can demonstrate both your proficiency with technology and your ability to think critically and creatively.

As Valentine's Day approaches, let's embrace the "Enemies to Lovers" narrative and transform our relationship with ChatGPT. Instead of adversaries locked in a battle of wits, let's become collaborators in the quest for professional success. 

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