Why is Now the Right Time to Move to the Public and Non-Profit Sector?

To truly find job satisfaction, it’s essential to consider not only what you do, but where you do it. Across the public and non-profit sectors, organisations are continuing to develop initiatives that help their people feel more valued and purpose-driven in their work.

So, it’s no surprise that working in the public or non-profit sectors is becoming more attractive to today’s workforce - and with the development of purpose-driven initiatives, now may be a better time than any to make the move.

Benefits Beyond Salary:

Throughout public and non-profit organisations, employers continue to develop leading benefits packages and unique schemes that many other employers would not offer. Not only do these organisations provide standard benefits such as flexible working and dental or healthcare schemes, but employers are increasingly looking at how they embrace factors which impact wider society, such as sustainability. 

For example, many organisations now offer electric vehicle (EV) car schemes as part of their green initiatives, which not only embrace remote work but can also save you money on fuel but and contribute to a healthier work-life balance.

A Sense of Purpose:

Have you ever wished your work had a more profound impact on society? That's precisely where the public and non-profit sectors excel: offering you a sense of purpose. Whether you're involved in developing products that benefit the entire nation or shaping strategic decisions that impact digital spaces, your work directly contributes to making a positive impact, leaving you with a better sense of fulfilment at work; according to a survey by New Possible, job satisfaction rates in the charity sector are among the highest at 77%, compared to the UK average of 72%. 

Championing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I):

The public and non-profit sectors lead the way in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion. These organisations actively seek to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities they serve. Movements to increase hiring from underrepresented communities, such as individuals with neurodiversity (i.e. dyslexia and ADHD), are becoming commonplace in their organisations.

Government initiatives like the Great Place to Work for Veterans scheme aim to encourage veterans to join the Civil Service, leveraging their unique skills and talents. The Disability Confident scheme is another example, designed to make workplaces more accessible for individuals with disabilities - and both continue to support the development of the sectors: A recent government survey found that 67% of employers agreed that joining the Disability Confident scheme had a positive impact.

As such, people looking to make a move to the public and non-profit sectors can be confident that their employer will uplift communities and promote diversity across its workforce.

Embracing Neurodiversity:

Research by GCHQ highlights the strengths of dyslexic individuals and shows why they are ideal analysts for the modern era. Their ability for pattern recognition when dealing with big data, seeing the bigger picture in complex scenarios, and finding solutions to novel problems make people with dyslexia ideal candidates for roles in areas such as intelligence and analysis.

As a result, the public and non-profit sectors are not only championing diversity - they are actively providing wider opportunities to underrepresented groups.

Seeking Purpose-Driven Work:

As we have discussed, people seek value and purpose in their work. A report from Gartner highlights that the pandemic has encouraged people to rethink the role of work in their lives and contribute more to society. Employees want more than just a competitive salary; they want to know that their work is having a positive impact.

Gartner attributes this shift further to the concept of "The Human Deal", which emphasises deeper connections, radical flexibility, personal growth, holistic well-being, and shared purpose in the workplace. As we have explored, the public and not-for-profit sectors are increasingly aligned with these values, making them ideal choices for those seeking purpose in their careers.

Choosing to work in the public or not-for-profit sector is more than a career move – it's a decision to contribute to making a positive change for society, championing diversity and inclusion, and finding purpose in your daily tasks. Undoubtedly, there is a noticeable shift where employees’ priorities are evolving, and organisations in the public and non-profit sectors which embrace these values are the perfect choice for those looking for a new role.

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