Bridging Data, Digital and Technology Skill Gaps

In a recent report, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has sounded the alarm about a pressing issue within the Civil Service: the shortage of digital skills. This critical shortage, partly attributable to staffing cuts, is hampering the pace of digital transformation in government and increasing associated risks and costs.

The PAC report highlights a significant gap in digital, data, and technology professionals within the civil service, estimating a mere 4.5% presence compared to an industry average of 8% to 12%. This stark difference underscores the pressing need for a substantial increase in digital expertise within government - here we look at how the government could begin to bridge the skills gap to continue vital services, and what your organisation can do if you are facing similar challenges.

The first step to bridging the gap lies in identifying the top-tier talent that is needed within the public sector; creating new personas or profiles for talent will provide the unique insight needed to understand the type of person they need to help bridge the skills gap. For example, the report emphasises the critical shortage of cyber security experts, whose specialised skills can be particularly difficult to find. 

So how does the Civil Service solve this problem? Most commonly and beyond internal talent teams, they will turn to a supplier - whether a consultancy or talent business. When working with these external partners, reviewing the track record is vital - do they have proven expertise in delivering, or locating and placing specialists in these key areas? If not, you may want to consider looking further afield so that you can access the right talent pools.

At Global Resourcing, we have a proven track record of locating and placing digital, data and technology specialists, it’s simply what we do, and can alleviating the pressing concerns regarding skills. We have an unparalleled track record in this space, and the right national talent pools to allow civil service organisations and the wider public sector to attract talent quickly. 

Our commitment to excellence is underlined by our accreditations on various government frameworks, ensuring our compliance with stringent government standards. These accreditations are a testament to our dedication to delivering successful solutions to our public sector clients while adhering to compliance requirements.

In line with the call for greater diversity and inclusion in government roles, Global Resourcing takes pride in accessing a diverse network of specialists across both the public and private sectors. Our recruitment efforts consistently yield diverse shortlists, reflecting our commitment to building more inclusive government teams. For example:

  • 40% of our placements are candidates from a minority background.

  • We have an average 50/50 gender split in our shortlists

  • We have also made a number of placements in all places for growth areas.

When looking to bridge vital skills gaps, an effective partnership is key. Your partners should put your success first, listen to your unique requirements, and collaborate with you to deliver custom solutions that meet your needs.

Custom-centricity is at the core of our operations; that’s why Global Resourcing partners you with a dedicated team, led by seasoned professionals, to deliver high-quality candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner. We understand the urgency of recruitment without compromising on quality, especially when attempting to fill skill gaps, ensuring that your organisation gets access to the best talent quickly. 

Ultimately, the key to addressing skill gaps extends further than recruitment; organisations should actively support leaders and professionals through events, roundtables and knowledge-sharing. By doing so, organisations nurture their talent pipeline and enable better collaboration across the public and non-profit sectors.

At Global Resourcing, we champion diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the technology industry, participating actively in campaigns and organisations that promote these values alongside key industry partners and organisations.

Modernisation: A Call to Action

The PAC report underscores the urgency of modernisation within the public sector. Global Resourcing is poised to support government organisations in their pursuit of digital transformation. Our proven track record of delivering top digital talent, addressing skill shortages, and enhancing government services positions us as a trusted partner in this critical endeavour.

As Parliament and government departments work tirelessly to bridge the digital skills gap, Global Resourcing remains a dedicated partner. We help to propel government digital initiatives forward, ensuring that they align with the demands of the digital age. 

Get in touch to find out more about how Global Resourcing can help you to bridge the skills gap, or find your next challenge in the public or non-profit sector.
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