Are these the most rubbish types of recruiters?

As a recruiter, you know you need to build a strong relationship with your clients. But how much effort do you make to keep your candidates and staff happy?

Reddit user Delduath posted on the Northern Ireland subreddit, complaining about their treatment from an agency that seems to have forgotten the importance of candidates.

“I've worked for five different [recruitment agencies] in the past and they've all d**ked me over in some way, some of which was legal and some of which was not,” they wrote. “The last one I went to actually told me outright that the job I was applying for was a permanent one, but it's listed as temporary so that they can easily replace staff.

“I was shocked they were so blasé and upfront about their circumvention of employment rights.”

Other users soon chimed in with stories of their own.

“That filter to exclude agency results is the best part of any jobs site,” says Jack_Ledger. “On one occasion I had a 'senior recruitment consultant' tell me they didn't know what most of what my CV said was but it sounded impressive.

“They will copy adverts from half decent agencies to harvest a pool of CVs to tout to the former's client.”

Nicholas Crabbe-McVeigh, Director at construction and house-builder recruitment specialists, BBR Services, previously told Recruitment Grapevine that understanding what you are recruiting for is essential.

“When bringing people into our business, it is vital they have industry specific experience or relevant transferrable skills and knowledge so they can hit the ground running and quickly develop their sector expertise,” he said. “This is

critical in our business as decision makers and candidates will put their trust in a consultant who understands their industry.”

Infected_2 said they felt mislead by one agency’s actions. “I've been outright lied to by one [recruiter],” they said. “What was sold as a full time role with above average pay turned out to be part time, temp work at min wage.

“He'd put plenty of people into the role and knew exactly what he was doing. They're sales staff that will tell any lie to hit target. Just a fraction above real estate agents.”

“Recruiters can have a poor reputation for honesty and we are fighting against this on a regular basis,” Rob Johnson, Managing Director at Global Resourcing told Recruitment Grapevine previously. “HR should be sitting down with the
CTO or CIO at beginning of financial year, to understand what the upcoming projects and programmes are and what the resourcing needs will be and then working with a specialist recruiter to source the required people well in advance of time.”

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