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My client has an exciting permanent opportunity for a Senior Digital Partner Aggregation Suite Planner

Core Skills

  • Communicate with customers, listen to and collect customers’ voices, identify customers’ requirements, plan the digital partner aggregation (DPA) solution, and build the product competitiveness.
  • Determine the core architecture and feature requirements for the digital partner aggregation (DPA) solution to support carriers’ digital transformation according to carriers’ digital transformation strategy.
  • Communicate with key customers at high-level (CXO) at the establishment of digital partner aggregation (DPA) suite concept and brand, digital partner aggregation (DPA) suite of solutions to promote cooperation in the landing and strategic value Bureau.
  • Focusing on Key customers project development support, promote the digital partner aggregation (DPA) solutions for landing construction in key projects.



  • Analyse carriers’ requirements on digital partner aggregation (DPA) capabilities during digital transformation, guide the planning of the digital partner aggregation (DPA) solution accordingly, and identify core value features.
  • Have a profound understanding of the digital partner aggregation (DPA) development trend, exert influence on carriers’ plan on the digital partner aggregation (DPA) scheme through publicity and communications with top executives of carriers, and therefore build a positive image of our brand on the carriers’ side.
  • Expand and support key products involving key customers and promote the implementation of digital partner aggregation (DPA) in key projects.



Work experience:

(1)More than 3 years’ experience in the industry related to digital partner aggregation(DPA) solution planning. Have a profound understanding in the current situation, development trend, value chain, and global applications of digital partner aggregation (DPA).

Education background:

(1)Bachelor degree or above.

(2)Electronic communications, computer science, and other related majors.

(3)Inter-disciplinary talents with both the business- and technology-related degrees are preferred.


Fluent in English speaking and proficient in English writing.

Minimum required language knowledge (speaking+writing):

  • English

Job Location:                  Reading, UK
Job Reference:               112783
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Job Rate/Salary: