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Based in Brussels, Belgium a global ICT company is looking for an EU Government Relations & Policy Expert on Cyber Security & Data Privacy

Main Responsibilities:

The EU Government Relations & Policy Expert will be responsible for creating a coherent and executable strategy to assist company’s global policy goals with an emphasis on EU policy.

The objective is to expand company’s thought leadership and influence in cyber security and data privacy policy. This will include monitoring and influencing policies that impact company’s products as well as company’s IT and Telecom solutions implementation.

The Policy Expert will identify and assess current and emerging opportunities within a key set of cyber security and data privacy policy priorities that will focus on policies that impact the company business.

The policy expert will assist the government relations team by effectively educating government policymakers on these issues as related to company’s business goals.

The expert will be a cyber and data privacy policy specialist who will work closely with company’s Global Cyber Security and Data Privacy teams and, as necessary, facilitate high-level meetings between company executives and key stakeholders including policymakers, administration, regulatory agencies and industry associations, to promote and advocate the company’s objectives. The policy expert will also staff appropriate opportunities with trade associations, and assist in interaction with outside consultants and/or lobbyists.


It is important to recognize and understand Data Privacy and Cyber Security issues from a global perspective. Therefore, knowledge of and experience in advocacy and policy development pertaining to ICT issues globally will be beneficial. Also, the policy agenda will need to contemplate ICT issues that relate to data protection, data sovereignty and security, network configuration, privacy, patents and IP protection, and other policy related to global company business.

Strong relationships with key EU policy and decision makers on cyber security and related policy areas are critical as the EU creates new oversight and sets standards for its own data centers, for entities that do business with the government, and guidelines for the private sector. The ability to engage at a high level on these issues is required.

Minimum required language knowledge (speaking+writing):

  • English

Job Location:                  Brussels, Belgium
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