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My client is one of the Leading Banking Groups of the world and we are looking for a senior / Lead Dev Ops engineer to work on a major new Bank systems Infrastructure project.

Main skills;

  1. Ideally you will have 5-8 years of coding experience (ideal would be 10-15 years with past experience in functional languages like C or even COBOL, but have worked with Java for the last 5 years in roles across development, builds, packaging, build, release and test environment setup)
  2. You are required to have a strong opinion and knowledge of open source tools of how to automate dev tasks and increase productivity of teams. Ideally should have a “kit bag” of pre-built scripts and plug in components that should be published in github or similar.
  3. You have worked in various js frameworks, good understanding of HTML / CSS3, MVC general state of front end and backend frameworks to build webapps quickly.
  4. 6-12 month experience with Andriod and iPhone native libraries. Experience with Phonegap and other “bridging” frameworks are ok, but not ideal as the client wants to build a native mobile app as the first project.
  5. Past experience in hackathons or a publish mobile app on google, amazon or apple store ideal.


1. Build, deployment and infrastructure automation
2. Continuous delivery
3. Jenkins/Git/Maven/Ansible
4. Scripting – Bash
5. Websphere

1. Groovy scripting
2. Introscope wily/Splunk/AppDynamics
4. Oracle
5. RTC
6. AWS

It is ESSENTIAL you have a background with IT / DevOps Infrastructure within Banking project environments

Immediate interview / Immediate start

Minimum required language knowledge (speaking+writing):

  • English

Job Location:                  London
Job Reference:               113296
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Job Rate/Salary: