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My client is going thorough significant change within DevOps and we are looking for a Senior DevOps consultant / SME to help drive though the changes

We are looking for a Senior DevOps SME with a solid and proven background working within the Banking project environment (Mandatory)

Job description:

  • Embedding DevOps vision into every member of the asset class – IT Dev, PS, ITID, Business, IT Exec & Management
  • Creating awareness of inefficiencies and service shortcomings within teams; encouraging teams to continuously look for inefficiencies and seek reduction in delays
  • Educating teams as to how DevOps practices and thinking can reduce these inefficiencies and service shortcomings
  • Ensuring that business objectives are understood, shared and refreshed
  • Working within app teams to identify necessary initiatives to bring efficiencies and quality improvements about – across IT Dev, PS, ITID, Business
  • Banging the DevOps drum day in day out in situ
  • Driving teams to identify blockers to faster, smaller, better performance and associated KPIs and setting current and future targets against these initiatives
  • Providing leadership to teams in the achievement of these targets
  • Ongoing feedback within teams on performance and drive to get teams to continuously reflect on performance and drive out better ways of working
  • Empowered by asset class head (business & IT) and visibly so.

Duration: 6 months + extensions

Start: ASAP

Minimum required language knowledge (speaking+writing):

  • English

Job Location:                 London
Job Reference:               113883
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