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My client is going through a significant change around DevOps and we are looking for DevOps QA (Operating / Tooling) to help deliver the changes to the Bank

You must have proven, current DevOps expertise within Banking project environments

Main Duties:

  • Define best practice usage of the tooling and create a knowledge base to help tool usage
  • Engage with teams to understand tooling usage in order to then promote such usage and improve the tooling function’s own understanding
  • Create show case demos of tooling optimised to demonstrate DevOps maturity
  • Work closely with the core DevOps tooling function to ensure QA tooling can hook into the build pipeline tooling and learn to operate the QA tooling team like they already do for other DevOps tooling
  • Support the tooling as needed
  • Create sandbox tooling environments for teams to experiment with
  • Be able to give effective global presentations on tooling usage
  • Be part of a DevOps tooling community and strive to improve the tooling model
  • Be a recognised SME of DevOps QA tooling, working alongside the QA Operating model team to help get teams on-board and using the tooling.


  • Expert level hands on QA tooling in the following tool sets (ideally a combination, not all of them). Priority Tooling in Bold. Ideal expertise in linking in such tooling to the development pipeline.
  • Selenium 2, Selenium Grid, HP UFT or QTP, Jemmy, Watir, Sahi
  • HP Load Runner / Performance Centre, JMeter
  • JUnit, NUnit, ZUnit frameworks.
  • Cucumber, SpecFlow, Yadda
  • Jira/RTC, Zephyr, ZAPI, Quality Centre
  • Jira Capture, HP Sprinter
  • EMMA ECL test coverage tools.
  • Supporting tech: Unix, Shell Scripting, Windows Scripting, SQL
  • A demonstrable understanding of DevOps ideally. Experience in left shifting QA into the development function will be hugely beneficial.
  • Programming ability (ideally Java, .NET, Ruby) to understand and JUnit / NUnit and be able to link in coverage tooling like EMMA ECL.
  • Would consider themselves a subject matter expert in the QA tooling space.
  • Have used the tools in earnest on real projects.
  • Understand the concepts of TDD and BDD
  • Can articulate themselves fully when discussing quality in the software delivery lifecycle and understand the role QA tooling plays
  • Excellent communication skills, capable of speaking Class –A English and both writing and giving interactive presentations.
  • An understanding of the development lifecycles in typical use – Agile, Waterfall, Iterative and associated testing disciplines.

Minimum required language knowledge (speaking+writing):

  • English

Job Location:                 London
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