Executive search is an increasingly vital tool in a competitive global marketplace. Corporate performance has rarely been under so much scrutiny and the contribution of key employees rarely valued more highly.

An executive search campaign with Global Resourcing commences with a detailed confidential meeting, held either on-site, at our offices, or in a neutral location. Once we have a clear profile of the target candidate, we will research the market and engage with you to provide a current view of your expectations before exploring likely candidate pools.

If required, our advertising design team can engage with your in-house communications resources to produce attractive on-line or off-line advertisements. We will then utilise our response management expertise to professionally and confidentially engage with each interested candidate. We will also use social media and advanced data-mining techniques to develop a list of possible target candidates for our resourcing teams to professionally approach. Once we have initial interest, your consultant will then explore suitability with the candidate and begin to build rapport.

Over the last fifteen years we have created not only a database of high calibre active candidates, but a vital network of senior executives who value their continuing relationship with our business. This symbiotic relationship allows us to professionally explore both their career objectives and potentially those of their senior networks.

With suitable candidates identified, we are then able to offer full assessment and interview services before presenting a tailored list of suitable candidates for your own evaluation. Unlike some consultancies, we will continue to partner with you right to the very end, utilising our relationship with the candidate to ensure that the preferred individual or individuals are secured.

Once the preferred candidate has been selected, we will continue to work with you for the first quarter acting as a neutral coach for both parties to ensure a successful integration.

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