At Global Resourcing, we are committed to changing the way our industry is perceived. We are therefore committed to the following key areas:

  • Environmental awareness – with small changes for each individual in our work force it’s easy to make a big difference, whether it’s our recycling policy, our rail season ticket loans or our cycle to work scheme. Company-wide, we are continually improving our internal IT systems to be as innovative as possible. All of our systems now run from the “Cloud” and we have introduced digital contracts, so instead of posting paper, we are doing all we can to ensure minimal waste of energy and ultimately the reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Social Responsibility – because every business has the duty to leave a legacy of positive social impact. For an example of a current charitable initiative, please click here.
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  • Training, developing and supporting our workforce – because our business is our people, we have an obligation to ensure the personal and professional well-being of each and every one of them. Our commitment to this starts from day one, where each new employee is evaluated to determine their training needs. For graduates or school leavers, we begin a training scheme that has been developed over the last decade, covering each important area of their new role. In addition to at-desk training, every employee is evaluated at the end of the year to address any other areas for development.